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What is Age Calculator?

It is an online tool to help you calculate age by date of birth (D.O.B.) just within two or three clicks. You can check your age from any birth year such as 1997, 1999, 2017, 2022, or 2001. No matter in which year you were born, it is simple and easy to use.

How to Calculate Age Using Online Calculator?

Calculating your age with our calculator is effortless. Just select your birth date, month and year and you will get your age as on today in no time. You can even calculate your age for particular year in past and future. This is useful when calculating age between two dates.

About Age Calculator

Do you need to know how old you are? Now it’s easier than ever. With our age calculator, you can accurately determine your age by simply entering 2 pieces of information: date of birth and current date.

With just one click, you’ll see how old you will be on your next birthday or how old a friend or family member is. Our calculator is the perfect way to find out the age of your newborn baby or calculate when you’ll retire.

There are so many ways to find out someone’s age, but sometimes we just don’t have time for all that! With our easy-to-use calculator, there’s no need to guess anymore.

Accurate as of now

The best thing about this calculator is that it updates itself as the time goes by. So, no matter when you use this calculator, it will always show you the accurate current year.

For everyone

This is a quick and easy calculator for everyone – whether you are a kid or an adult, male or female, living on Earth or in space.

It's always up to date

Age Calculator takes into account the leap year and updates its calculation accordingly – just one more reason why it is the most accurate online tool for calculating your age!